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Take our fresh meat home with you


• Filet mignon

• Porterhouse

• Club or boneless club

• Shell or boneless shell

• Skirt steak

• Fresh ground beef


Domestic lamb

• Loin lamb chops

• French rack

• Boneless leg



• Atlantic salmon

• Jumbo shrimp

• Large Brazilian lobster tails

• Stuffed filet of sole



• Turkey breast

• Boneless breast

• Turkey sausage

• Ground turkey



• BBQ Ribs

• Sausage: hot, sweet, or cheese and parsley shish kabob






• Whole chicken

• Boneless breast cutlets

• Chicken sausage

• Ground chicken


Milk feed veal

• Loin veal chop

• Rib veal chop

• Osso buco / veal stew

fresh meat meat

Use our fresh meat to make a delicious meal!

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